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Venom Temperature Controller

Venom Temperature Controller

Experience precise and seamless grilling on your 22" Weber® Kettle Grill with the advanced Venom temperature controller. Scientifically designed, the Venom uses PID temperature control and a built-in fan to accurately regulate the temperature of your charcoal from 175F to 550F.  Enjoy peace of mind on your low and slow brisket or quickly get to high heat grilling with the help of the Venom. 

Use the Spider Grills app (iPhone and Android) to remotely monitor and adjust temperature of your kettle from anywhere.

Please note that the Venom is not compatible with Weber Ranch Kettle Grill or Weber Smokey Mountain Kettle Grill. The Spider Venom model is currently only available in the US and requires a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi connection for connectivity. Kettle Grill not included.

With the addition of the Venom 26" Conversion Clips, now the Weber 26" Kettle Grill is supported as well.

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Customer Reviews

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This is not for someone who can run a kettle.

*WARNING: this does not fit an older 26" model even with their shims*

If you are someone who only grills at high temps but wants to get into smoking without the trial and error of learning to operate your Weber than its a decent product. My advice is to run it 20 degrees lower than your desired temp. The dampener will allow this to climb about 20 degrees (which isn't terrible for a long smoke).

This product is not for someone who already knows how to control a Weber kettles temps. If you can already keep your Kettle at 220 consistently this will not benefit you. The dampener allows too much air through compared to the wiper blades. When you close the dampener it opens your blades 100%. The fan control is great, but my advice is set it up your normal way and ignore the dampener (if you have to buy this). I intend to use this as a back-up for sudden drops not to hold temps. SET IT LOWER THAN YOUR DESIRED TEMP.

I do think 3 stars is valid, the app and unit are pretty decent at 200 USD. The thermometer is accurate but VERY SLOW ( i mean it took minutes). Once it caught up to my thermoworks there was only a few degree variance. The screen is bright and easy to use/read. Honestly it looks pretty cool.

What i strongly dislike about this product is the power cord. It has cheap wire covering and very short (maybe 24"). Which makes no sense for a product that is intended to sit outside for long durations. It should be much longer.

TO THE COMPANY: The dampener should operate the complete opposite way you have designed it to. The wiper blades work great for controlling temp, why not utilize that with your product instead of just opening them at 100%? There should be a dampener on each side of the wiper lever so no matter how its moved there is no opening. Granted the fan would need to blow harder at lower temps but the temp rises and drops would be minimal compared to how it is now. The unit tells you how to set the top vent (pretty accurately). So why not do the same with the wiper blades. Weber already engineered a great temp control system, why are you working against it?

Hey Keaton,

Thanks for this honest review and excellent feedback. It's true their are some older model years that the Venom does not work with. We're working to identify those and get them posted on our website.

As to your concerns with temp and the 'dampener,' which I think you mean the Venom draft door, it seems like there's a misunderstanding about how to properly use the Venom and how it's intended to function. When the Venom is in use, the draft door should ALWAYS be closed as the unit instructs when you confirm your target temp. It is not designed to suplement the airflow control from the Weber vents but to replace it entirely. Keeping the the draft door closed allows the Venom to have full control over the airflow and the smart controller to work properly. You shouldn't see more than a 5 degree temp swing in either direction on a properly set up and undisturbed cook. We'd be happy to chat with you more about it if you'd like to contact our customer service. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

Loving it!!!

I had been thinking about this unit. Finally pulled the trigger on it.


Works as advertised, I enjoy my Weber cooks a lot more now

It works as advertised.

I bought this for my son since he does most of our grilling. He said this product works great and he doesn't haft to stay outside all day monitoring the grill when he is smoking something. I did buy the extended 3 year warrantee because I didn't feel the 30 day warrantee was enough for a product that cost $200.00

Matt Staub
I iwsh I had bought this sooner!

The Venom is one of the best accessories that I have purchased for my Weber 22 inch Performer Kettle. Ten out of twelve months, my backyard where I grill and smoke is windy and unpredictable. The wind changes direction and speed on the regular and if you are trying to maintain temperature, you are adjusting every fifteen minutes - it's a pain! The other two months when there isn't so much wind, the kettle becomes et and forget. However, with the Venom, is is seta nd forget all twelve months of the year. The temperature reading is accurate and it holds within five degrees of your set temperature, most of the time dead on.