Do I have to permanently modify my Kettle? NO

Can I still use Briquets? YES (just slide the adapter off and you're good to go!)

Is it height adjustable: YES

Which Weber® grills will it work with? 22" Original, Master Touch, and Kettle Premium

Can it cook high heat (500º): YES

Can it do low+slow for long cooks: YES (one hopper full at 225º should last around 12 hrs)

Is it weather-proof? YES

Why won't my brand new Spider-22 Ignite? Units that are brand new, or that have been emptied of pellets, need to run through a priming sequence.  Turn the unit on to any temperature setting, wait 2 minutes, then turn the unit off and wait 5 seconds.  You can now set your Spider-22 to the desired temp setting and the start-up sequence will work as intended.



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