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Spider Grills



A New Era in Charcoal Grilling.

Introducing the Huntsman Kettle Kamado - the ultimate charcoal grill for professional grilling enthusiasts. Made with 5mm Carbon Steel walls, this grill is built to last a lifetime. Enjoy high heat searing or low and slow cooking with the premium Spider Grill Grates. Powered and controlled by the included Venom, this grill will elevate your cooking experience to new levels. Pre-order now for an October 2024 shipment. 

5mm Carbon Steel walls - built to last a lifetime.

High Heat Searing or Low and Slow.

Premium Spider Grill Grates.

Powered by the Venom (included).

*Will Ship in October, 2024.

*All Product images are not final and the Huntsman you receive may have minor cosmetic differences. 

*Venom Battery Sold Separately. 


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